Early Pack

Early Pack
$199.95(Australia Incl. GST)
$181.77 (International - local taxes may apply)



With this pack your child will soon be reading hundreds of basic words - even ones he or she has never seen before. And, thanks to the systematic introduction of several essential sight words, proper sentences and basic short stories won't be a problem either.

With the materials included, your child will learn to read and write:

·         All 26 letters of the alphabet

·         All basic sounding words (words that can be sounded out using basic letter sounds, like catwombat and goblin)

·         The most essential (basic) sight words (like Ihave and said)

·         And will be able to read basic short stories (readers) with fluency and confidence.


The pack includes:

·         Alphabet Book

·         Fitzroy Readers 1-10

·         Fitzroy Readers 1X10X

·         Fitzroy Word Skills 1

·         Fitzroy Word Skills 1X

·         Fitzroy Word Skills 1 Answers

·         Fitzroy Word Skills 1X Answers

·         Audio CD of Stories 1-10

·         Audio CD of Stories 1X-10X