Phonic Readers

Our range of English language books is designed to help children teach themselves to read. A leader among remedial reading programs, the Fitzroy Method encourages independent learning with the help of occasional assistance, making it ideal for use in classrooms.

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Our phonics readers slowly build children’s reading skills with a step-by-step approach that takes the young learner from recognising the letters of the alphabet through to elaborate words like ‘appreciative’ and ‘consciousness’ in the later readers. The result of this step-wise learning is a higher standard of literacy, with children also attaining the confidence and enthusiasm to enjoy reading.

Our Range

The Fitzroy remedial reading program includes:

The Alphabet Book – This pre-reading book teaches children the letters and sounds of the alphabet through games and exercises, covering skills like letter recognition, alphabetical order, letter sounds, writing letters, and making two-letter words.

Fitzroy Sounds – This engaging sing-a-long CD is a fun and easy way for children to learn basic letter sounds.

Fitzroy Readers – These phonic readers take the young learner from simple words like ‘cat’ and ‘mat’ through to longer and more complex words in 80 simple stages.

Fitzroy Word Skills – These books help ensure children understand and retain the concepts covered in the phonic readers. Skills include spelling and punctuation, grammar, written expression, English usage, expanded vocab, and reading with comprehension.

Fitzroy Word Families – Specially designed to improve spelling and word recognition.

Fitzroy Sounding Readers – The most powerful literacy aid of the Fitzroy remedial reading programs, this software directly shows young learners how to sound out words using a human voice.

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