Alphabet Book

Alphabet Book


The Alphabet Early Preparation for Reading Books for Kids

The Alphabet Book is a pre-reading and writing book that teaches children the letters of the alphabet through games, exercises, and other fun activities. The Fitzroy Method’s preparation for early reader books contains a range of pre-writing exercises designed to help young children develop their fine motor skills (coordination).


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With this work book, children can practice:

  • Letter recognition 
  • Learning the sounds of the letters
  • Writing the letters
  • Alphabetical order
  • Linking letters to images

After learning the letters, the alphabet book introduces children to two-letter words through picture sentences in readiness for early reader books.

The First Step in the Journey

Recognising basic letter sounds is the first step in phonic learning, and the Fitzroy Method helps children take this step through two main materials: Fitzroy Sounds (a sing-a-long program that introduces letter sounds) and the Alphabet Book, which helps them recognise and form written letters. While this is preparation for reading books for kids aged 4 and over, it’s important to remember that every child’s reading journey will be different, with some children ready before this and some after.

Using the Fitzroy Sounds audio program together with the alphabet pre-reading book is the best way for kids to learn the alphabet quickly and effectively. If you’re ready to start your child on their reading and writing journey, order our alphabet book to prepare for early reader books.