Maths Books for Kids

Our series of maths workbooks follows the same step-by-step learning principle as our system of phonics for kids, designed to facilitate individual learning with occasional guidance. This means children can progress through the levels at their own pace so they won’t feel rushed or bored as they work.


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We have maths books for kids of varying ages and skill levels, with 30 maths books that range from Beginner through to Consolidating and Continuing Level. They feature very little English, making them ideal for children with language difficulties and children whose English develops later. And because they’re designed for self-guided learning, they’re perfect for use in classes of children with varying levels of mathematical ability.

The Series

We have six levels of maths books for kids, each comprising five workbooks. They are designed to gently build new skills to take children seamlessly from one stage to the next, just as we did in our Fitzroy phonics for kids. Kids will move from beginner concepts such as writing in numerical order right through to concepts like times tables, geometric patterns, and algebra in the final Continuing Level stage.

Topics covered in our series of maths books for kids include:

  • Column addition
  • Counting notes and coins, calculating change 
  • Hours and minutes
  • Number patterns 
  • Verbal maths problems
  • Drawing geometric shapes
  • Mirror images and lines of symmetry
  • Using grid locations
  • Times tables
  • Factors and multiples
  • Fractions 
  • Digital and analogue time
  • Metres, litres, grams and degrees of temperature
  • Angles – right, acute and obtuse
  • Geometric patterns
  • Three-dimensional shapes
  • Introduction to algebra
  • Roman numerals

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