Fitzroy Community School Book

How well do we prepare our young for life after school?

Fitzroy Community School, founded in Fitzroy (Melbourne) in 1976, has aroused the interest of educators near and far. This non-selective alternative school has attracted even wider attention in recent years since the introduction of national assessment, the NAPLAN, which ranks the school usually within the top few percent of the nation.

The school founders, Faye and Philip, are themselves particularly interested in the quality of life of Australian children, believing that we could have better childhoods if certain reforms were made within our schooling industry.

In this book, Faye and Philip share their discoveries about working with primary-age children, freely share their teaching methods, and discuss what sort of influence contemporary schooling has on the people our students will become.

This year, Chinese educators have taken a special interest in our school philosophy and have translated the FSC BOOK into Mandarin (with a first print run many times greater than the Australian edition).  We have some copies in stock for quick delivery to Mandarin readers in Australia.


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