We at Fitzroy Readers would like to help families in this situation.  It is not easy, at short notice, to organise learning activities at home which support children at the precise level of their progress. 

Our carefully graduated story texts and their accompanying work books, the Fitzroy Word Skills, are tailor-made for this situation.  There is no mystery or jargon involved in the use of these materials.

The first step is to ascertain exactly where your child is up to in literacy.  You can check your child’s level of readiness by clicking ENTRY LEVEL TESTS  (These can also be found under the RESOURCES tab above).

If you don’t have a printer, phone or email your address to us, and we will post to you, free of charge, a simple test that will tell you exactly what materials your child is ready for.

When you have made the assessment, we can supply you with a pack of Ten Fitzroy Readers of the level indicated, and the corresponding Work Skills activity book. 

If you think you’ll need double checking of answers, we can also supply an Answer Book for your child’s level, showing the full original page (at half size) with the correct answers on display.

We have sequential literacy materials for children up to Year 8. We also have minimum-English maths activity books for up to Year 4.

From now until 30th June 2020, we will grant a 10% discount on all domestic orders that use the discount code homework.


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