January 26, 2020


We at Fitzroy Readers are thrilled to report:

Our Principal Author Faye Berryman has been awarded an AM  –  Member of the Order of Australia!

This comes as a wonderful surprise.  The award is prescribed for significant service to education, to literacy and to the community.

On the education side, Faye is of course the founding principal of Fitzroy Community School, a non-selective alternative school that has consistently achieved extraordinary academic outcomes, despite accepting a significant ratio of children who were failing at other schools. 

On literacy in particular, Faye is the main author of the Fitzroy Readers,which boost the reading powers of children, not only at FCS, but also at 100s of other Australian schools – not to mention the Fitzroy Readers printed in China, India, Singapore and other places around the world.

In terms of community, Faye has, from the beginning of the Fitzroy School, worked to support children’s social skills and to raise self-confidence by means of presentations, public speaking and  outward-bound activities. 

Faye and Philip have promoted these ideas in the media over the years.  Faye and Philip have also travelled to Beijing in 2019 to share their ideas for literacy, social skills and self-confidence and to launch their book Fitzroy Community School in Mandarin, where the translator has named it The Wonder School.